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Swarna Aditya Bullion (SAB) has established a strong presence in the precious metals industry, boasting a leading Gold and Silver refinery. The refinery is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, trend-setting labs, and stringent quality standards, making it one of the largest in India. SAB is committed to providing the highest quality and distinct services to its customers, earning recognition as a major importer of Gold and Silver.

Refinery Technology: Pioneering Advancements

The SAB Gold Refinery stands out as the first in the country to embody modernized and advanced technology. Speed, cost-effectiveness, and environmental excellence are the hallmark features of this cutting-edge refinery. Extensive investments in research and development have significantly reduced the total refining time while implementing eco-friendly procedures to minimize emissions. SAB's refined technology eliminates the need for hazardous pretreatment measures, ensuring the safety of employees and the environment. With these advancements, SAB produces the highest-grade precious metals, meeting the most demanding requirements of its global clientele.

Refinery Process and Testing: Unwavering Excellence

The refinery maintains uniform standards, and its forward-looking approach emphasizes the importance of a state-of-the-art research and testing lab. Gold refining at SAB is achieved through aquaregia and incortation processes, while silver refining utilizes electrolysis and chemical precipitation. Traditional methods are complemented with cutting-edge analytical electronic instrumentation, including XRAY and ICP, ensuring precise and rapid results. SAB's advanced assay and refining technology enable the settlement of every lot within 24 hours of receipt, ensuring efficient processing. The refinery's XRF facility for gold and silver testing, along with traditional water density purity testing, further guarantees accuracy and excellence.

Quality Assurance and Control: Unmatched Precision

At SAB, precision is paramount, and its assays are hailed as the most accurate in the industry. The fusion of extensive knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and meticulous training ensures the efficiency and accuracy of the refined products. Classic fire assay techniques and accurate analytical electronic instrumentation, such as Spectro Midex X-Ray and Spectro Arcos ICP, deliver clean and precise results consistently.

Reliable Customer Service: Fostering Trust

SAB sets itself apart through exceptional customer service, consistently exceeding expectations. With a dedicated team of professionals, SAB passionately supports customers' refining needs, garnering praise from esteemed clients. Transparency, clear communication, and equitable treatment form the bedrock of SAB's customer-centric approach. SAB adheres to ethical standards, follows AML policies, and abides by OECD guidelines, fostering trusting relationships with all its customers.


Swarna Aditya Bullion's Gold and Silver Refinery reflects its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and responsible practices. With a focus on refining technology, precise testing methods, and unmatched customer service, SAB takes immense pride in unraveling the brilliance of precious metals to the world.