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Refurbishing & Remarketing

IT devices are not only essential for private individuals. IT infrastructure plays a crucial role in companies too, because it is an integral part of their strategy and operating procedures. Devices such as laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets are now absolutely essential elements in everyday business life.

People use them on a daily basis – and for a very wide range of different tasks. Companies repeatedly replace their IT equipment, even though it still works properly, because the devices have been used so much, because it has already reached its capacity limits or because compatibility problems emerge.

Things are not that different for private individuals. One might experience a sense of shock upon opening a drawer at home and finding it to be full of old mobile phones or other electronic equipment. Perhaps they decided that they no longer liked their old trusty companion or they simply replaced it with a new one. The devices have been lying in the drawer since then, gathering dust.

But why do people not dispose of their old devices? Most of them cannot be disposed of simply placing them in the normal waste bin. That would be extremely dangerous because of their lithium ion battery, which is highly inflammable if it is damaged. It is, however, possible to turn in many devices free of charge at Germany’s local authority collection points. Despite this, many people often choose the ‘storing in the drawer’ option, in line with the motto ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – perhaps also because the security aspect has not been clearly defined; people are often unclear about what happens to the devices and the data.

However, by failing to dispose of them, people miss some good opportunities – particularly those who want to do something for the environment – because IT recycling is sustainable.